For those of you accustomed to treating your feet to regular pedicures at your local beauty or nail salon, the COVID-19 restrictions have no doubt played havoc with your toes.

But did you know that myPodiatry Health offers a customised medi-pedi, which is a medical term for what is considered the gold standard in pedicures.

What to expect from your MEDI-PEDI at myPodiatry Health

A medi-pedi can only be performed by a trained podiatrist, and the clinicians at myPodiatry Health are expertly trained in this procedure.

A routine treatment includes:

  • Foot health assessment offering you a good insight into the general health and wellbeing of your feet
  • Professional cutting and filing of all toenails
  • Reducing thickness of toenails if required
  • Moisturising treatment for feet
  • Informative footwear advice to maintain healthy feet

Completely safe and sterile

We’ve all heard the horror stories that can occur when nail practitioners don’t exercise the right safety procedures when doing your nails.

Podiatrists such as those at myPodiatry Health are held to a much higher standard, which is why we comply with strict infection control and sterilisation methods.

You can put your feet up knowing that we meticulously clean and sterilise all instruments used and adhere to all the medical grade sterilisation procedures and high standards that are in place.

Any sterile blades and discs we use on your feet are for your feet only and are immediately disposed of after your treatment. This prevents any spread of bacteria and fungal infections via cross contamination

Putting your best foot forward

As podiatrists, everyone at myPodiatry Health is fascinated with feet – for good reason. You may be surprised to learn just how many health problems are actually a result of having foot or lower limb problems, which is why we’re expertly trained to look at your feet as the foundation of your overall health and wellbeing.

It’s important to realise that sore fee are not normal, and importantly, if you’re feeling pain in your feet or lower limbs, it could actually stem from other underlying serious health issues such as diabetes, arthritis or stress fractures.

That’s why we encourage you to visit myPodiatry Health to not only have the top grade ‘medi-pedi’ experience, but also get your feet properly assessed and help prevent any health issues down the track.

Nail salon no-no’s

If you’re determined to keep up your pedicure routines at your local nail salon, here’s few things to watch out for.

Remember, in the age of COVID-19, cleanliness is absolutely next to godliness.

  • Say no to the footbath. You may think footbaths are a relaxing part of the pedicure experience, but how relaxed would you be knowing that this is one of the most common places where cross-contamination of bacteria and fungal infections can occur.
  • Some salons still reuse things like metal files, so request single-use files and buffers. In fact, you want to ensure they use a sterile pack of instruments every time. For complete peace of mind, ask the technician to open a pack in front of you.
  • If you’ve been nicked or cut in any way, make sure the salon applies appropriate antiseptic and dressing. Remember, a small nick can easily develop into something more sinister, so we recommend you book a visit to see us at myPodiatry Health to prevent the risk of infection.

Tip top toes at myPodiatry Health

Put your feet and toes in the best possible hands. Book a visit to see the foot-focused team at myPodiatry Health today.