What We Do

MyPodiatry Health is a leading Melbourne podiatry clinical practice with an enviable reputation for helping patients get back on their feet fast. We take the time to listen to your needs and concerns so you can be assured the treatment we recommend is exactly right for you and your particular condition.

Professional, highly experienced and compassionate, our highly trained clinicians offer a thorough service to provide individualised care and tailored solutions to quickly and effectively treat your foot and lower limb pain, while also helping you minimise recurring conditions and promote overall better health.

This unique “hands-on” holistic approach is what has made myPodiatry Health the clinic of choice for so many in Melbourne’s west.

Why see myPodiatry Health?

Sore feet are NOT normal.

Everyone at myPodiatry Health is fascinated with feet – for good reason.

A quarter of your entire bone structure is housed in those two feet of yours, which makes them an extremely important part of your overall health and wellbeing.

When your feet or lower limbs are in pain, it can greatly affect your quality of life. And importantly, the pain you’re feeling could actually stem from other underlying health issues such as diabetes, arthritis or stress fractures.

Your myPodiatry Health clinician will not only look at your feet, but also carry out a biomechanical assessment to see how the way you walk may be impacting other parts of your body such as your hip and back.

Think of it as a full body check-up – from the ground up.