Medical Footwear

Finding the shoe for you

You may be surprised to learn that a large part of the population is actually wearing the wrong-sized shoes. While pain is an obvious side effect, if your shoes are constantly hurting your feet, it could lead to conditions such as bunions, ingrown toenails, corns, calluses and more. Even worse, if you keep wearing the wrong-sized shoes, it may seriously impact your quality of life as you age. When it comes to getting footwear advice for work shoes, school shoes, hiking shoes and sports shoes, the experts at myPodiatry Health are a shoe-in!

Treatment & Advice

Putting our biomechanical expertise to good use, the team at myPodiatry Health will assess how you walk and move to ensure your footwear provides the right level of support for your needs. We’ll do an accurate measurement of both feet and check your current footwear to see if it’s suitable and correctly fitted.

Custom Modified Footwear

Footwear modifications, often combined with custom-made orthoses or orthopaedic shoes are a useful way to help patients with certain foot and ankle conditions. Shoe modifications can relieve pain and enhance the quality of your life. We can turn your favourite shoes into custom footwear that meets your needs.

Modifications may include:

Heel lifts or complete sole height increase: for leg length differences that often result from hip surgery and replacements. Our podiatrists improve leg length differences by building up from the inside of the shoes as well as adjusting and adding a lift to the outside. This improves the aesthetics of the shoe and reduces its weight.

Rocker-bottom soles: for clients suffering severe arthritis and subsequent pain in the big toe as well as to aid more efficient propulsion during toe-off. Recommended for those with Hallux Rigidus & Hallux Limitus, fused ankles, partial forefoot amputees due to car accidents, diabetes, and ulcerations.

Velcro or elastic fastenings: making it easier for patients who struggle with lace-ups.

Height and width changes: for swelling or for improved fit from disfigurements and conditions such as oedema and Charcot Foot.

myPodiatry Health also offers great prices on specialist footwear from everyday casual and dress footwear to foot, cycling and sports orthotics, and diabetic comfort footwear.

Dr Comfort

myPodiatry Health prescribes Dr Comfort medical footwear. Be fitted by your podiatrist to ensure the shoe is perfect for your feet, and as a prescribed medical device, it may be claimable under health insurance.

Visit Dr Comfort website

The Athlete’s Foot

myPodiatry Health provide a referral to be fitted in-store at The Athlete’s Foot to suit the footwear your podiatrist recommends for you. This gives you a 10% discount on purchases in-store.

Athlete’s Foot Werribee – Store Details 
Athlete’s Foot Maribynong – Store Details