After being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, 67-year-old Maria was referred to a podiatrist by her GP. Maria didn’t understand the link between diabetes and her feet, putting the pain in her feet and joints down to old age. Luckily, she decided to follow her GP’s advice and visit myPodiatry Health.

Initial Consult & myPodiatry Health Treatment

  • After conducting an extensive medical history check, we gave Maria a foot health assessment, which revealed she had some difficulty perceiving sensation in the big toes of both feet. The results of the information were explained to her and then reported to her GP.
  • Due to a bad back and poor vision, Maria had trouble tending to her own feet. Her big toenails were quite thick, so we used mechanical debridement to reduce their thickness while cutting and cleaning her nails. This procedure made her nails look and feel much better.
  • Maria was provided with an X-ray referral of both feet.
  • As Maria was over 65, she qualified for the state-wide equipment program (SWEP), a government offshoot that provides funding for medical equipment to those in need. After filling out a form, Maria would be eligible for new footwear and orthotics to improve foot posture and gait.

Second Consult & myPodiatry Health Treatment

  • Maria returned her SWEP form to the myPodiatry Health clinician, who looked after the process of applying for new footwear and orthoses for her.
  • During this consult, we performed an Ankle-Brachial Assessment to determine if Maria has adequate blood flow required for healing to her lower limbs. The results came back within normal ranges.
  • We also reviewed both x-rays which showed heavy joint space narrowing and osteoarthritis in the midfoot and big toe joints of both feet.
  • After accurately measuring her feet for length and width, Maria chose a pair of Dr Comfort Mary Jane style shoes from our footwear catalogue.

The Outcome

Maria now understands that her feet were not in pain simply because of older age. If not monitored, diabetes can affect the feet and other parts of the body, resulting in pain, a loss of sensation and mechanical changes that limit activity.

Maria now visits myPodiatry Health for her routine skin/nail care and foot check-up appointment. She also now wears more suitable footwear and orthotics which help her condition.