Be on Top of Your Game

​Whether you’re a professional or amateur athlete, a regular runner or an occasional jog around the park kind of sportsperson, chances are you’ve experienced some form of injury along the way.

The most common sports injuries we see at myPodiatry Health include everything from shin splints, runner’s knee, Achilles tendonitis and corns and bunions, through to postural issues and lower back pain. Also, we often see runners who are experiencing thickened nails which can be very painful if they are ingrown.

As expert podiatrists, we treat your feet and lower limb injuries, but it’s also our mission to help you prevent an injury from occurring in the first place.

The #1 thing you can do to protect your feet from injury is to wear appropriate footwear. So, while you may be coveting a super cool new brand of shoe, if they’re not right for your feet or the activity you’re doing, they’re probably going to do you more harm than good. And there’s nothing cool about that!

Find your Top Form with Expert Advice

When it comes to sports podiatry, the podiatrists at myPodiatry Health are on top of their game. Dr Rick spent years as a sporting coach and personal trainer. Dr Mohammed spent the majority of his amateur sporting career playing Australian rules football and indoor and outdoor soccer.

This first-hand experience means you’ll be getting expert advice from podiatrists who have a unique understanding of sporting biomechanics and the importance of minimising injuries so you can maintain your active lifestyle.

Get a Tailor-made Treatment and Rehab Plan

In your first 40-minute consultation, we’ll discuss your medical history, overall health and any pain you may be experiencing.  We may also take a look at how you move and walk (gait assessment). All this information helps us devise a more personalised management and treatment plan designed to get you back on your feet fast.

Treatment for sports injuries includes:

  • Managing existing injuries: We recommend treatments to provide your feet with more support during the day and relieve any immediate discomfort. We may also recommend sports massage therapy and a corrective exercise regimen.
  • Biomechanical assessments: Your clinician will not only look at your feet but also carry out a biomechanical assessment to see how the way you walk could be impacting other parts of your body such as your hip and back. We then develop a personalised treatment plan tailored to your needs.
  • Finding the right footwear: The team will assess how you walk and move to ensure your footwear provides the right level of support for your needs. We’ll do an accurate measurement of both feet and check your current footwear to see if it’s suitable and correctly fitted. myPodiatry Health also offers excellent prices on specialist footwear from everyday casual and dress shoes to foot, cycling and sports orthotics, and diabetic comfort footwear.
  • Fitting orthotics: myPodiatry Health can match you with custom orthotics to provide extra support and reduce muscle, tendon and ligament strain. Sports orthotics are specifically designed to work with your sports shoes and are customised to your feet and your sporting activities.